We will launch new groups in January of 2024 and meet on Sunday nights from 5:30 - 7pm for 10 weeks.

Next Session Starts: January 14, 2024



What is re|engage?

re|engage is a marriage enrichment program that can benefit a marriage in any condition. Whether you are struggling to get along, in a broken marriage, or desiring to grow closer together as a couple, re|engage will give you tools to make it better. The curriculum examines God's design for marriage and how couples can grow together in true Biblical oneness, and gives you the opportunity to hear from other couples seeking the same thing.

Is there limited space?

Yes. If groups fill up you could be put on a waiting list or you can wait until the next semester.

NOTE: If you can't wait because your marriage is in crisis, please contact Pastor Robert for alternatives.

What does a typical session at re|engage “look like”?
Sessions will be a mixture of large group time as well as small groups. For the most part, you will be with your assigned re|engage small group discussing questions from the curriculum with other married couples. You don't HAVE to share, but the more you put in, the more you get out.
What if my spouse can’t/won’t attend?

It takes two.  They don't have to be ALL IN, but at least IN. Please contact us and discuss alternatives until your spouse is ready to commit to working on your marriage.

How do I know that what I share at re|engage will be kept confidential? Will it be a safe place to share?

What goes on in small group, stays in small group! Yes, there is a trust factor here, but we believe that scripture calls us to refrain from gossip and we ask all participants and facilitators to respect each other's privacy.  In order to provide a safe environment, the facilitators have committed to not share information about others outside the group except in the event of the threat of physical, emotional or spiritual injury, then to be dealt with under the guidance of the re|engage staff.

Is re|engage marriage counseling?

 re|engage is not marriage counseling & the leaders are facilitators, not counselors. They are also growing in their own marriages. Everyone in the group is on the journey to oneness in marriage. We believe that openness & honesty in a small group setting, using a Biblically-based curriculum, is where God works to grow & resurrect marriages.

Do you provide child care?

Yes, we do provide child care for infants and programming from the children's ministry through 5th grade by reservation. 

What commitment do I have to make?
  1. Read the lessons each week.
  2. Answer the questions at the end of the lesson
  3. Discuss the lessons and questions with your spouse
  4. Attend Sunday night small group.

Some topics will take you longer because you have work to do there, some will be a breeze. Whatever time you invest in strengthening your marriage will be worth it. And if life gets crazy and you get behind, don't worry!  There is GRACE and I'm sure your group will be happy to help catch you up.

How much does it cost?

The only cost is the re|engage workbook for $10. Each spouse needs a book, so the total cost is $20.

We don’t like spending time with each other anymore. Will we have to interact together?

Yes...that's kind of the point.  You have drifted away from each other and it's time to do some work to restore what God wants you to have: a marriage where you like AND love the one you married, and life without them is simply not good enough!

We are thinking about getting married (or are engaged). Is this ministry for us?

No, re|engage is designed for husbands and wives. The good news is that Oakwood has Sunday morning groups designed to help prepare you for marriage! Go to our Marriage Prep section to find out more.


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