Merge Premarital Ministry

Merge is one of Oakwood’s premarital options for engaged couples.  It is designed to help engaged couples to learn, seek wisdom and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, challenging and authentic environment. Merge exists to prepare couples for marriage by addressing common challenges in marriage from a biblical perspective. We cover topics such as communication and conflict, finances, sexual intimacy, in-laws and expectations.


The dynamics of the class include online teaching, interactive learning opportunities done as individuals and couples as well as small group meetings. Couples are placed in a group with 2-3 other couples, plus an additional married mentor couple. This provides the ideal opportunity for you and your significant other to process next steps in your relationship in the context of small group community.

The class is 8 weeks long and meets on the evening that works best for all couples involved for about an hour and a half each week in the home of the mentor couple. Second marriages are welcome but we do not offer child care.

Merge 2019 Class Dates:

Winter 2019: January 14 - March 4 (Mondays @ 7pm)- CLOSED

Spring 2019: March 27 - May 15 - CLOSED

Summer 2019: June 5 - July 24  - CLOSED

Fall 2019: September 11 - October 30

If you are unable to attend any of the listed classes due to scheduling conflicts, please contact Pastor Rusty at to learn about other options.

The only cost to participate in Merge is for your workbooks (one per person) at $10 each ($20 per couple). Whether you go to Oakwood, attend another church or don’t go to church at all, you are welcome in Merge. 

Participant Resources

Leader Resources 


*For more information contact Pastor Rusty at  

**Oakwood also offers premarital counseling at the Oakwood Counseling Center.

***Merge is a growing nation-wide ministry that began and is provided by Watermark Community Church in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.