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Oakwood Kids exists to disciple kids to be fully devoted followers of Jesus and equip parents to do the same.

Church@Home Resources During COVID-19

The Oakwood Kids team wants to provide our families with an encouraging word and several resources for your family to use while we have church at home for the next few weeks. We are on your team! We are praying that your family can take advantage of this unusual season to be one of growth: growing in relationship with each other and in your relationship with Jesus. Use these resources below and others that we share on social media to keep your family engaged in God's Word while we have Church@Home.

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During our time away we want to encourage you to continue to help your kids work through their AWANA books. Please see the reading schedules to know where your child should be to keep them on pace. As parents, please sign and date their books so we will be able to award them all patches and emblems once we are able to return.






Sunday Mornings

We might not be meeting together on Sunday mornings, but the church is NOT canceled! We encourage our families to watch the service together online and use the resources below. This is proof that the body of Christ cannot and should not be contained by four walls. Here are some fun activities for your family to do together.


Preschool families,

I’m missing you all so much but I wanted to be with you and your families this week, so I have a short video for your children to watch. This month we have been talking about following Jesus.

Last week we talked about Jesus and his 12 disciples. All 12 of the disciples followed Jesus. 

There are many we can follow, but Jesus is the best leader we can follow! Why? Because Jesus loves us, and He will always lead us in the best way. Let’s talk this week about how to love others like Jesus wants us to.

Our March Bible verse is: “Come and follow me, Jesus said.” Matthew 4:19

Our verse for this week is: “When I follow Jesus, I can love everyone.” John 13:34-35

You can find our March Worship songs here

I Have Decided

This Little Light of Mine

I’ve included two activities you can do at home. The first one helps you remember your Bible verse for this week and reminds us that Jesus wants us to love one another. How can use whatever you have to write and color at home – this is to help us remember to follow Jesus by loving everyone!

I have a coloring page too. Whether you can print it or not, you can talk about the image and how it reminds us each day to love others in simple ways.

I just want to remind you that your Oakwood staff is praying for you and your families. Please let us know if you need anything. I’m continuing to pray that you feel God’s love and presence in your homes this week and always.

Angela Corbell
Preschool Ministry Director


Kinder-5th Grade

Have your kids lead the family in worship while parents learn the songs we sing in the Outlet every Sunday and Wednesday by Seeds Family Worship!  Watch their videos on YouTube or stream their music from Spotify by clicking on the links below.

Seeds Family Worship videos on YouTube

Seeds Family Worship on Spotify

Can you believe it? Easter is coming soon! In preparation for the Holy Week, we’re learning about some of the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. This week, we’ll be hearing about Jesus’ last supper with His disciples.

When you’re ready, watch the lesson video with your kids. It’s fun for the whole family and there is an opportunity to pause and discuss. Afterward, there are two great worship videos for you to choose from: one is for older kids and one is for younger kids.

Here is a snapshot of the lesson details for this week:
Bible Story: The Last Supper (Matthew 26:17-30)
Big Idea: Jesus gave His body and blood for our sins, so we can remember Him through communion.
Memory Verse: “Everyone should take a careful look at themselves before they eat the bread and drink from the cup.”  1 Corinthians 11:28 (NIrV)

After the video lesson and music, you can use the attached materials to help take your family deeper into the lesson:

Lastly, at times like this, it’s good to remember what Psalm 118 tells us: “Today is the day that the Lord has made, so let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Despite the circumstances, I pray that you are able to see God’s thumbprint on this day and that when you do, it brings you overwhelming joy.



Family Audio Series

Stuck at home? Go on an audio adventure that the whole family will enjoy!  

This audio series shares 15 short stories about Jesus’ final days on Earth, followed by discussion questions to lead your family further.  

The people of Dewberry despise the Pie-Slinger Outlaws. However, one brave little boy does his part to share the true meaning of Christmas to even the most despicable of folks.


This is a story where a group of rebels who are banished by their king. But hope is coming! Ultimately this work of fiction points us to the greatest story ever told.

A four-part tale about a bear named Frank who learns the true meaning of Christmas.


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