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Beth and Larry LaneBeth and Larry Lane- MissionS

1.  Describe how GOD called you to this ministry? 

We both felt called to missions and Africa, in particular. The opportunity came when the church we were attending led a mission trip to Uganda. That was just the beginning of our ministry in Uganda. We've been blessed to go many times, and each time we go God continues to show us new opportunities and opens new doors to serve.

2.  How has GOD equipped you to serve in this ministry? 

The first time we went to Uganda, it was a new experience to travel overseas to Africa, and was a complete step of faith. We have been blessed to be members of mission-minded churches with pastors who lead and mentor these trips. God continues to provide believers to work with us! We've developed deep friendships with local pastors and families in the various cities and villages in Uganda. These people have been a great blessing and have given insight to various needs, and the culture there. Each time we go, God holds us up and works through us, and equips us for the task at hand.

3.  What has been your most meaningful or significant moment serving in this ministry? 

It is very difficult to identify a specific meaningful moment in our ministry in Uganda! Each and every time we go to Uganda, God brings us to a place where we realize, "Wow! This is where we are supposed to be right now! God is in this moment." Those moments keep us returning again and again.


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