Volunteer Highlight - The Eilers

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A family that serves together! What an example the Eilers family prove to be at Oakwood. Marigale and her three daughters, Kristine, Trisha and Glenda, all serve in the preschool ministry each week. We are fortunate that Doing Something is a family trait.  

From Left: Trisha, Marigale, Glenda, Kristine

Describe how GOD called you to this ministry?

 I needed a place to serve so I joined my daughters in working with little ones. - Marigale

 How has GOD equipped you to serve in this ministry?

 In oh so many ways!  He has given me patience and understanding when I needed it with a crying toddler.  He’s tamed my tummy when the odors of a diaper change threatened to bowl me over.  He’s given me eyes to see the joy a child has in talking to you about their week or something exciting that has happened to them.  He’s given me the ability to read the same book over and over and over to the same child with voices and excitement – just like it was the first time. - Kristine

What has been your most meaningful or significant moment serving in this ministry?

My favorite thing is when a child comes in and they are scared or unhappy and over the weeks we get to know them and they start to look forward to coming to church. Their parents can go and not be concerned about their child’s happiness for a time and that allows them to really have an opportunity to hear the message and reflect. They can relax because they know their child is being cared for and loved. - Glenda


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