Volunteer Highlight - Paul, Lupe, & Kendra Christenson

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Our final Oakwood recognition for Do Something 2017 is Paul, Lupe and Kendra Christenson.  This family serves wholeheartedly and selflessly on the Oakwood Tech Team.  Serving on the Tech Team in the Sound Booth is a “behind-the-scenes” role but is so vital to presenting the message of Jesus each Sunday.  Paul serves as Producer, who makes sure we get the perfect shot on camera to send to Branch simulcast and the online stream, Kendra is often on camera with her dad and occasionally serves as Producer, and Lupe serves as computer operator.  While we have a full team of awesome volunteers on the Tech Team, the Christensons are unique in that they have chosen to do something together as a family.  Thank you, Paul, Lupe and Kendra for your many years of service to our church! 



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