Volunteer Highlight - Karen Weddel

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Karen Weddel volunteers in our Children's ministry each week. 

Describe how GOD called you to this ministry?

When Oakwood was about to open the current children’s building, Pastor Ray was encouraging people to volunteer to be part of the Children’s Ministry.   Obviously the number of kids was about to explode!!!     Until then I had never even considered working in this ministry but that day, having two young granddaughters,  God planted in my heart a desire to help the next generation come to know Christ and take that out into the world.

How has GOD equipped you to serve in this ministry?

I came with no experience or training.   God has given me the courage I lacked to stand each week and share the lesson.  He has given me excitement, love and patience when things gets a bit crazy in a room full of excited voices as before that alone would have scared me in a large way.    I was sure I would not have sufficient time to devote but He took care of that by multiplying my time and setting my schedule to allow me to prepare for Sunday mornings and be present.   Every single obstacle I could think of He already knew about and showed me how to handle so joy replaced fear.

What has been your most meaningful or significant moment serving in this ministry?

The first time I heard a child say that they had come to know Jesus as their Savior.   I could rejoice with that family.  And for those who have not yet asked Jesus into their little hearts, each week they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ through this ministry and God gives me a glimpse of His next generation of followers of Christ and I am blessed.   I see future moms, dads, aunts, uncles, babysitters, teachers, coaches, neighbors and I think even a few pastors.   





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